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x86 instruction set compatibility

Rich Product Development Resources – Shorter Time-To-Market

More than 20 years of development by the PC industry on x86 architecture means it has far more software/hardware and human resources available when compared to other CPU architectures. It offers manufacturers the freedom to select development partners, increased ease in developing low cost / high performance solutions and also greatly shortens product development times.

Wide Range of Application- Secured Software Investment

The x86 instruction set is in widespread use and is the de facto standard of the IT industry, be it low-end embedded devices or high-end services. It serves as a common development platform so software developed on the x86 architecture can be easily ported between different x86 platforms, protecting your investment.

Low power consumption

RDC’s FlexRISC Architecture Offers a Low Power Consumption / High Performance x86-compatible Platform

The x86 CPU has traditionally been thought of as consume too much power. CPUs developed using RDC's proprietary FlexRISC architecture however enjoy both the lower power consumption of RISC CPUs while offering traditional x86 CPU functionality.

Extensive peripherals & Interfaces

As a provider of highly integrated x86-compatible SoC solutions, RDC's efforts extend beyond improving processor performances and reducing power consumption. We also work on input/output peripherals, interfaces and memory technologies.

Seamless connectivity

The widespread adoption of the Internet has allowed people to quickly and easily access the data that they need. Through the integration and use of different software and hardware technologies, more products with built-in communications capabilities will emerge in the market to provide a greater range of applications and services. RDC has many years of experience in the communications industry. We have also developed integrated CPU and MPU used in volume by local and foreign equipment vendors.

RDC Target applications

Target applications

8-bit IP 16/32-bit SoC Processor Platform
LCD monitor controller Communication products E-book reader Mobile internet devices
High-speed modem Digital home appliances & peripherals CPE Education learning devices
Disk array controller Industrial automation control Wireless AP Digital home control
Voice recognition Industrial computing Printer server Internetized digital photo frame
Flash memory controller POS/ KIOSK Web camera Low cost laptop
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