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RDC Awards & Milestones

2013   Sep - Launched the first dual-core microprocessor with the RDC latest microarchitecture, featuring higher computing performance and low power consumption is well suited for embedded applications.
    Jun - RDC board of directors announced that Jana Yi had been appointed to the President and CEO of the company.


2012   Oct - Paid-in capital increased to NT$605.1M.
    Oct - Reached major development milestone, the advanced 40nm SoC chip with integrated hardware decode chip was taped out for middle-level embedded application.


2011   Jul - Low power consumption platform was designed in by the Taiwan Machine-Tool leading companies.
    Apr - Released new peripheral chip C6037 and new processor platform solution, codenamed IAD 100PE for embedded commercial target applications.
    Apr - Paid-in capital increased to NT$591.01 M.


2010   May - Announced the availability of intergrated GPU platform solution, codenamed IAD 100PD for CE target applications.
    Jan - Paid-in capital increased to NT$567.72 M.


2009   Oct - Volume shipment of the 1Ghz SoC developed for Industrial PC applications began.
    Sep - Announced the availability of intergrated GPU platform solution, codenamed IAD 100HV for CE target application.
    Mar - Successfully developed 32-bit CPU with core speed at 1Ghz.
    Feb - Paid-in capital increased to NT$566.07 M.
    Jan. - Successfully developed 32-bit south bridge integrated with HD Audio Codec.

2008   Dec. - Volume shipment of the 800Mhz SoC developed for Industrial PC applications began.
    Nov. - Announced the availability of IAD platform solution for consumer electronic.
    Oct. - Paid-in capital increased to NT$564.3 M.
    Sep. - 32-bit 800Mhz SoC being offered in compact notebooks.
    Jul. - Placed number 4 for the Deloitte-TECH Fast 50 Taiwan 2008.
    Apr. - Paid-in capital increased to NT$483.66 M.
    Jan. - Paid-in capital increased to NT$481.50 M.

2007   Dec. - Received the 6th Taiwan Golden Root Award from TITA.
    Oct. - Represented Taiwan to attend the ASPA Award 2007 contest held by Asian Science Park Association and won the Grand Prize.
    Sep. - Paid-in capital increased to NT$480.74M.
    Jul. - Paid-in capital increased to NT$ 431.99M.
    Jun. - Volume shipment of the 300Mhz SoC developed for Industrial PC applications began.
    May. - Monthly sales revenue exceeded NT$100M for the first time in company history.
    Apr. - Production process migrated from 0.13um to 90nm.

2006   Oct. - Production process migrated from 0.18um to 0.13um.
    Sep. - Unveiled the prototype of the first generation US$ 100 PC.

2005   Aug. - Successfully developed 10/100 Mbps Ethernet PHY.
    Jul. - Successfully developed 32-bit network processor unit (NPU) using 0.13um process.
    May. - Product change completed.
    Mar. - Publicly trading of the company's stock on Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange began on Mar 02.

2004   Dec. - Ranked as Taiwan Top 20 of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific.
    Oct. - Successfully developed high-performance, wire & wireless network processor SoC.
    Sep. - Approved for public trading of the company's stock on the Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange.
    May. - Changed the Chinese name of the company. The English name remained as RDC Semiconductor Co., Ltd..
    Apr. - Successfully developed 32-bit multimedia SoC.
    Feb. - Successfully developed high-performance, wire speed network SoC.
    Jan. - Public trading of the company's stock as emerging stock on the Taiwan GreTai Securities Market began on Jan. 30.

2003   Nov. - Passed ISO9001:2000 certification.

2002   Nov. - Approval for IPO.
    Sep. - Capitalization increased by NT$ 60M to NT$ 300 M.

2001   May. - The Industrial Development Bureau of MOEA approved the development of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) as a Leading New Product Development Program.

2000   Jun. - Completed the development of 32-bit microprocessor for the Leading New Product Development Program of the Industrial Development Bureau of MOEA.
    May. - Mass production of 16-bit microcontroller began.
    Apr. - Entry into Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park approved by the Science Park Administration.
    Jan. - Capitalization increased by NT$ 110M to NT$ 195M.

1999   May. - The Industrial Development Bureau of MOEA approved the development of 32-bit microcontroller as a leading new product development program.

1998   Dec. - Head office relocated to HsinChu City.
    Dec. - Capitalization increased by NT$ 80M to NT$ 85M.
    Oct. - Approved for inclusion as key technology company under the Promotion of Industry Development Act.。
    Aug. - Successfully developed 8-bit microcontroller.
    Apr. - Received approval to establish office in the ITRI Incubation Center in ChuTung.

1997   Aug. - Company established with capitalization of NT$ 5M and head office located in Nantou City.
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