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Corporate Culture

  1. Take calculated risk to experiment and learn from experience.
  2. Dare to explore all possibilities. Nothing is impossible.
  3. Strive to become better through continuous improvement.
  1. Share all the information among members and treat each member with mutual trust and respect.
  2. Constructive criticisms are welcomed.
  3. Encourage different opinions during meeting and work as one to achieve the target after the decision is made.
  4. Respect individual’s right to speak.
  1. Endeavor to achieve the revenue and profit targets.
  2. Dedicate ourselves to making RDC the winner.
  3. On Time Delivery / One Time Success.
  4. Never settle for mediocrity, Never stop the pursuit of excellence.




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ADD: 6F-1,No. 2-1, Li-Hsin Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan 300, R.O.C.
TEL: +886-3-6662866
FAX: +886-3-5631498
E-mail: sales@rdc.com.tw